WVSTA and the WVDE are focused is on keeping our students healthy and fed during this emergency situation.

Please contact Todd.Ensign@FairmontState.edu if you have some resources that should be shared with fellow science teachers.

The WVU Extension

WVU Extension Youth Programming (not just for 4-H) is offering tons of student oriented workshops and they are also pulling resources from other providers to promote opportunities for STEM at home! https://extension.wvu.edu/youth-family/news

Below is a link to NGSS@NSTA Classroom Resources website which has resources which may be useful to you at this time.  You may use the query on the site to search for resources specific the grade/s and science topics you teach.


These classroom resources—over 800 lesson plans, book chapters, videos, simulations, and more—are vetted by NSTA curators who recommend ways to adapt them to be more in line with the vision of the NGSS.

NASA's Education Resource Center:

The NASA ERC has been offering educator and student live webinars on CAD and 3D Printing webinar, in addition to several Scratch trainings.  The links to register for these trainings can be found in this document, as well as on our regular workshop calendar. If you would like to request a webinar, for educators or students, complete this form here.

AmeriCorps Volunteer Network for Students:

Are you struggling to homeschool your kids and want some help?  Are your kids just BORED?  Then why not help out a kid in need or sign up for a class teaching hobbies, skills, or kid-friendly activities! I am developing a network to connect students to volunteers to help teach and tutor in subjects that grown-ups may have forgotten over the years. Not everyone remembers how to do algebra or all the specifics of sentence structure, so my goal is to help those adults out by providing their kids with someone to help! If you have a student in need of help or in need of something to occupy them, sign up here!  Oh also, IT'S FREE!

I am also trying to find volunteers to host webinars teaching hobbies and other kid-friendly activities to help keep kids entertained during this stay-at-home order.  If you would like to help out, sign up here!

This is first-come, first-served! Feel free to direct any question to Bobbi Mitchell at bobbi@educationaliance.org

Earth and Space Science Passport (ESSP)

The ESSP Program participants worked for years on projects that they compiled and presented at WVSTA.  The portfolio of those lessons can be found on the website: www.FairmontState.edu/esspassport/

WV Geologic and Economic Survey
Geoscience Education resources can be found at the West Virginia Geological and Economic Survey website.  These activities were developed during the RockCamp Program.  Many were teacher developed and teacher tested!

This page will become an index of resources that can be used by teachers, parents, and students during the pandemic.  If you have suggestions, please send them to Todd.Ensign@FairmontState.edu and put WVSTA Website in the subject line.